The definition of a mother is someone who gives birth to a child and brings up the child with care and affection. Being a mother means to work hard, have unconditional patience, kindness and understanding. For me a role as a mother is to love unconditionally, protect and provide. This is something not every child … Continue reading Mother?

Weaknesses: Address them.

A weakness is something everyone has and it is about addressing this. By definition a weakness is known as a disadvantage or as a fault however, without weaknesses there would not be strengths. It is just as important to know your strengths as it is your personal weaknesses. Your weaknesses can hold you back from … Continue reading Weaknesses: Address them.

Invisible: Am I?

As much as I try to make my posts as indirectly about me as possible I feel that sometimes it is good to write a blog in this way. Comparing yourself to other people is never going to end up making you feel good because you’re not them. The notion of not being good enough … Continue reading Invisible: Am I?

Loving someone with depression.

Loving someone with depression can be difficult but it's important to remember that not only do 1 in 5 people consider taking their own life at some point but that every week 1 in 6 people suffer from mental health. There is a difference between depression and 'feeling down.' You can help them to cope … Continue reading Loving someone with depression.

Are they ‘Friends’?

I've personally been very unlucky when it comes to making long-lasting friendships. However, when I finally feel like I've clicked with someone I later find out that they are toxic in some way for me. I have always put it down to my need to save people. This is called the 'Savior Complex' where people … Continue reading Are they ‘Friends’?

Reasons to Own a Dog

Dogs have been around for centuries and they are the closest living relatives of the gray wolf. They have sophisticated forms of social cognition and communication and this has given dogs a relationship with humans that has enabled them to become one of the most successful animals on the planet today. Since the 1980s there … Continue reading Reasons to Own a Dog

Alcoholism: Parents.

Many people enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer on the odd occasion to relax but when does it get out of hand. Alcohol numbs us to the various stresses in our life such as work, relationships, and money. When people drink regularly to cope with their stress, they can make the problems … Continue reading Alcoholism: Parents.